Welcome Prof. Tao Zhu from China University of Mining & Technology (Beijing), China to be Committee member!

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Prof.Tao Zhu

China University of Mining & Technology (Beijing), China

Research experience:

Zhu Tao, China university of mining & technology (Beijing), PhD, professor, doctoral supervisor, academic leaders of air pollution control direction, director of the atmospheric environmental management and pollution control institute, Director of the energy and environmental protection high and new technology industry association, Guest scientist of West Virginia University U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center, working committee member of China coal society, China committee expert group deputy head of non-metallic mineral, a senior member of China environmental science society, member of the IEEE association, member of China coal society. As the ministry of science and technology major projects evaluation experts, the Beijing municipal science and technology major projects, key project of natural science foundation of Beijing, the common project evaluation experts, environmental protection public welfare project evaluation experts, etc. Successively won the award for the new century excellent talents, talents, such as Beijing, the more the sun battery energy science and technology awards, the youth of China environmental science society science, China building materials association of science and technology progress third prize. Since 2002 has been engaged in solid waste recycling technology and catalyst preparation, adsorbent activation and related research, more than 100 articles, including SCI retrieval more than 20 articles, EI retrieval of more than 30 articles, authorized patent application and 17, with eight works, including three monographs. Be responsible for and bear the national natural science fund project, paragraphs 1 and 2 national environmental protection public welfare projects, the five ministries and projects, the enterprise lateral ten projects, campus project 6 items, 2 special projects; Involved in four major national projects, the national 863 project 2 item; Presided over 15 complete engineering, design and project management.

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