Welcome A.Prof Jinyou Dai form College of Petroleum Engineering, China to be Committee member!

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Prof.Jinyou Dai

China University of Petroleum-Beijing, China

Research experience:

In recent three years, more than 10 research topics have been assumed and achieved. Three of them were provincial and ministerial level and two of them obtained the Ministry of Education, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award. Over 20 academic papers and two academic monographs have been published in the “Oil Journal”, “Experimental Petroleum Geology”, and so on.
Representative papers:
Distribution regularity and formation mechanism of gas and water in the western area of Sulige gas field,NW China;
Sedimentary microfacies study for Yan8-Yan10 layers of Yan’an formation inLi151 oilfield,Ordos Basin;
Experimental study of thermochemical  sulfate reducetion on the sulfureted hydrogen;
High-precision integrative recognition technology for fluting  in Jingbian Gasfield, Ordos Basin.

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