Welcome Anand M Shivapuji from Indian Institute of Science , Indian to be Committee member!

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Dr.Anand M Shivapuji

Combustion Gasification Propulsion Laboratory, Indian Institute of Science, India

Research experience:

Research interest and interventions span two broad areas of (a) Non regular bio fuel generation like Producer gas, Syngas, Bio-Methane, Methanol and DME and (b) use of the bio-fuels in energy conversion devices like Internal Combustion engines and fuel cells. Bio-fuel generation if from thermo-chemical conversion of biomass through air/oxy-steam gasification and subsequent down stream processing like Separation (PSA), Water Gas Shift reaction with and without Plasma assistance, Meth-Synth reaction etc. In respect of energy conversion system, characterization of engine with non-regular bio-fuels and non-intrusive intervention for power recovery and for fuel cells, fuel quality characterization and conditioning for low and high temperature PEM fuel cell and Solid Oxide fuel cell applications. 

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