Welcome Dr. Surinder P. Singh from CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, India to be Committee member!

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Dr. Surinder P. Singh

CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, India

Research experience:

Dr Surinder P. Singh is currently the Senior Scientist at Indian Reference Material Division, CSIR- National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi. His principal research area includes designing of multifunctional nanomaterials for fabrication of various state-of-the-art devices (memristers, photodetectors and fuel cells) and biomedical applications (nanomedicine, biosensor, photodynamic therapy and drug delivery). He led an Indo-US Joint Centre on nanomedicine for Head and Neck Cancer as project director in collaboration with Northeastern University and DFCI, Harvard Medical School. His continuous and dedicated efforts have proven to be a milestone for establishing the national activity on bio-medical instrument standardization and reference materials. His research activities have been appreciated in reputed peer reviewed journal for exploring multidisciplinary nanomaterials applications including sensors, optoelectronics, nanomedicine, nanobiointerfaces, bio- implants for various biomedical and environmental applications. One of the focuses of his research team presently is developing the national standards of various nanomaterials for nanotoxicological and food safety aspects.

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