Welcome Prof. Chua Kian Jon Ernest from National University of Singapore, Singapore to be Committee member!

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Prof. Chua Kian Jon Ernest

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Research experience:

Ernest is an Associate Professor with the Department of Engineering, National University of Singapore. He is best known for his research on new generation of thermal technologies, particularly those related to air conditioning and dehumidification. He has won numerous international and local awards and honors including IChemE (UK) Research Project of the Year Award, IET (UK) Sustainability Award, WSSET (UK) Innovative Award and Applied Energy Award (Elsevier) for his innovative works on energy efficient dew-point cooling, membrane dehumidification and adsorbent coated heat exchanger. According to Shanghai’s Elsevier Global Ranking of Academic, he is one of the highest cited researchers for his works on Energy and Building Science.

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