Welcome Dr. Farhad Shahnia from Murdoch University, Australia to be Committee member!

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Dr. Farhad Shahnia

Murdoch University, Australia

Research experience:

Dr Farhad Shahnia received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane in 2012. He is currently a Senior Lecturer at the School of Engineering, Murdoch University, Perth. Before that, he was a Lecturer at Curtin University, Perth (2012-15), a research scholar at QUT (2008-11), and an R&D engineer at Eastern Azarbayjan Electric Power Distribution Company, Iran (2005-08). Dr. Shahnia's research falls under Distribution networks, Smart grids and Microgrid concepts. He has edited 4 books and has authored 9 book chapters and over 100 peer-reviewed scholarly articles in international conferences and journals in the above research areas. Three of his conference papers have won the Best Paper Awards in IEEE conferences in 2011, 2014, and 2016. He has also received the “IET Premium Award” for the Best Paper published in “IET Generation, Transmission, Distribution” journal in 2015. One of his articles was listed under the top-25 most cited articles in “Electric Power System Research” Journal in 2015 while one of his 2015 journal articles has been listed under the top-5 most read articles of “Australian Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering”. He was also the recipient of the “Australia-China Young Scientist Exchange Award” in 2016.

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