Welcome Dr. Zhao Feng-qing​ from Hebei University of Science and Technology, China to be Committee member!

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Dr. Zhao Feng-qing

Hebei University of Science and Technology, China

Research experience:

Feng-qing zhao, Ph.D., received his M.S. degree in Chemical engineering from Qingdao Institute of Chemical Technology in 1988 and Ph.D. degrees in safety engineering from Beijing University of Science and Technology 2007. From 1988 to 1992, Zhao worked as an engineer with the Design Department, Qilu Petrochemical Research Institute. In 1993, he joined the Faculty of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Hebei University of Science and Technology. Since 1997, Zhao has been an Associate Professor and worked as director in Chemical Experiment Center. Since 2008, Zhao has been a Professor with the Department of Chemical Engineering, Hebei University of Science and Technology. His research interests include green chemicals and ecological material, utilization of solid waste, construction and building materials. In 2009, he was appointed as deputy director of Hebei Research Center of Solid Waste Utilization. He is the e provincial government inspectors of the fourth session

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