Welcome Dr.XiLiang Yang from PetroChina PipeLine R&D Center,China to be Committee member!

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Dr.XiLiang Yang

PetroChina PipeLine R&D Center,China

Research Area: Automation and Reliability

Research experience:

From 2012 to 2016,as a core member,Dr.XiLiang Yang have participated in“Localization of Key Equipment for Oil and Gas Pipelines”, major technology projects of PetroChina Company Limited,and cooperative developed

More than 130 sets of equipment, such as 2500kw centrifugal pump, valve,actuator.

From 2013 to 2017, Dr.XiLiang Yang have participated in "Reliability Research of Large-scale Natural Gas Pipeline Network System" of PetroChina Company Limited project,and studied the reliability calculation methods of compressor units and valves.

From 2016,Dr.XiLiang Yang have building National Energy Research and Development Center of Oil and Gas long Distance Pipeline Technology and Equipment. It is mainly used for research and test of compressor unit, pump and valve etc.

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