Welcome Prof.Chen Hao from Chang’an university,China to be Committee member!

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Prof.Chen Hao

Chang’an university,China

Research Area:

Development and application of transport energy; Clean energy automobile technology; Combustion and emission of internal combustion engine

Research experience:

Prof. Chen Hao led or participated in a lot of important research program including National key research and development plan (2017YFC0803904), “Study on application technology of new energy biodiesel for road transportation” (research program from Ministry of transport of PRC), “National pilot operation program of methanol vehicle”, “Research on key technologies of energy saving and emission reducing for PODE/diesel blend fuel engine and vehicles” (Shaanxi key research and development plan: 2018ZDCXL-GY-05-06) and etc. Prof. Chen is a member of National Expert Committee on information disclosure of vehicle maintenance technology, the executive director of Shaanxi internal combustion engine society, the executive director of Shaanxi automotive engineering society, and the vice president of of Xi’an energy research association. Prof. Chen has published 60 research papers, among which 20 papers has been indexed by SCI journals such as “Energy”, “Energy & fuels”, “Applied energy”, “Applied thermal engineering”, “Journal of the energy institute” and etc. Prof. Chen acts as the reviewer for many international journals. 

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