Welcome PhD.Lyazid Bouhala from Materials Research and Technology Department of Luxembourg to be Committee member!

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PhD.Lyazid Bouhala

Research & Technology Associate From Materials Research and Technology Department  of Luxembourg

Research Area

Damage and Failure;Numerical Methods;Composite Materials

Research experience:

Dr. Lyazid Bouhala received his PhD degree in Solid Mechanics from University of Strasbourg, France. From December 2007 to December 2010, he prepared a thesis titled: “Study of crack propagation in Solid oxide fuel cells by EFG mesh free method”. In February 2011, he joined the modeling group of the CRP Henri Tudor (Luxembourg) as a junior scientist. Since 2015 till know, he is Research & Technology Associate in the Durability and Sustainability group of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (Luxembourg). His research interests include Fracture Mechanics (crack onset and growth), Fibre Reinforced Composites (damage growth, parameter identification, homogenisation …), Numerical methods such as eXtended Finite Element (XFEM), Mesh free methods (XEFG), Adhesive free timber building.

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